The Best in Tent Camping by Jeanne Pyle:
"A guide for car campers who hate RVs, concrete slabs, and loud portable stereos."

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Lopez Farm Cottages and Tent Camping:
"This is for adults in an indulgent and thoughtfully designed and managed private preserve."

"You'll notice that this book is mostly a collection of camping spots run by public agencies (National Parks, State Parks, Department of Natural Resources, and so on).  Generally, I try to stay away from privately run camping organizations because they usually do not meet my camping criteria, are almost always monopolized by RVs, and aren't exactly the kind of places where you can count on respectful camp neighbors. 

The health of a private campground is also dependant on the owner's ability to run it in the black, and it often reflects a tight operating budget and a make-do mentality – not unlike a lot of landlords, I've known in my time.

Every once in a while, along comes an exception to the rule.  Lopez Farm Cottages and Tent Camping easily qualifies as a worthwhile destination for creatively blending this islands most-needed services (thoughtful tent camping and private cottages) tastefully and practically.  If you plan to bring the kids, however, think again.  Lopez Farm accommodate no one under age 14 (except an adorable assortment of the four-legged variety – mostly lambs, fawns, and baby rabbits.

Just minutes from the Lopez Island ferry terminal and only 1 mile from the village of Lopez, Lopez Farm is picturesque – situated in the middle of a broad, rolling meadow…"